BROOME COUNTY, N.Y. -- It is a battle that everyone is fighting, directly or otherwise.

"The community has been fighting it on a multi-faceted level involving whether it be the treatment providers, law enforcement, insurance companies. It's a pretty complex issue," said Kathleen Newcomb, Broome County Law Enforcement Division Captain.

The opioid and drug epidemic is growing nationwide and the need for the overdose antidote, Naloxone, is in high demand.

"Sheriff Harder was the first one to stand the Narcan program here and we've been using it regularly since then," said Newcomb.

A standard for nearly all local officers.

When the Broome County Executive declared the opioid and drug epidemic a public health emergency, he also explained how Naloxone demands have led to price hikes.

"There are a number of different agencies that are buying Narcan. I didn't know that the cost of it had greatly increased to the point where we had people considering whether or not we had to ration it, so certainly, where we have the funds, we're going to spend them," said Jason Garnar, (D) Broome County Executive.

"Broome County needs to be sure we are tapped into all resources not just for prevention and support of families, but treatment," said Rebecca Kaufman, Broome County Public Health Director.

However, the price hike isn't impacting everyone.

"I think it is more consumer based. We personally are not seeing that at this time, but I think it's a basic economic principle. Supply and demand. The demand for Naloxone is very high right now and supplies are diminishing, so that's driving the cost up," said Newcomb.

Fortunately, the relationship between law enforcement and suppliers has helped manage costs.

"The company who we're going through, they give us a very reasonable price. Their prices have not changed," said Newcomb.

Enabling first responders to fight overdoses head on.

"To be able to be the first one on the scene and bring somebody back from the brink of death is phenomenal. Who can place a word on that? That drug is truly a miracle drug for these people," said Newcomb.

A miracle worthy of any price.