Broome County's office building now honors the first county executive.

A sign for the Edwin L. Crawford County Office Building was unveiled Tuesday.

Crawford was elected in 1968 and held the position until 1976. His efforts in office were focused on modernizing county governments throughout the state.

He authored the Broome County charter and was instrumental in building the Floyd L. Maines Veterans Memorial Arena. He also served as executive director of the New York State Director of Counties.

Crawford passed in 1993. Crawford's Grandson))

"I miss him everyday and certainly paying homage to him on a sign like this where so much important county business goes on, where his office still sits, it's emotional," said J. Nicholas Slottje, Crawford's grandson.

Crawford's two eldest grandchildren are responsible for this project and made the contribution for the new sign to honor his 90th birthday, which would have been this year.