BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Come October, Binghamton Mayor Rich David expects to have two key components of the executive order he signed last week, advanced and looks forward to having improved community relations.

After months of controversy concerning the Human Rights Commission's proposed Police Modernization Law, Mayor David signed an executive order of his own.

"I listened to both sides of the discussion and the debate. I don't think a law is warranted at this point in time," said David.

Now he is taking steps to update the police department's policies and improve community relations. He sent legislation to city council to spend more than $100,000 on body cameras for all 90 uniformed officers.

"They protect the police officers, they protect the residents, and they protect the City of Binghamton as a whole. And I really think it will be an eye-opening experience for residents to see what exactly these officers are confronted with on a daily basis," Mayor David added.

As for who will be able to view the body camera videos and how and when the videos will be accessible, the mayor says those decisions have not yet been made.

"My overall position in general is that the videos should be made available to the public baring certain circumstances and sometimes any sort of health related information, interviews with victims of sexual assault, things of that nature," said Mayor David.

Mayor David also submitted legislation to spend about $20,000 on demographic tracking software for all police vehicle computers. He said it will provide officers with an easier and more efficient method to enter information in the field. And it will streamline and centralize the data collection process.

"What this will allow us to do is have a overview of all of the stops in the city and be able to look at that data in a full comprehensive manner which is something that really does not exist at this point," Mayor David added.

The mayor said these efforts will improve accountability and transparency throughout the city. These requests for legislation will be discussed at Tuesday's City Council work session.