The Union Center World War II Monument has a new home. A dedication on Memorial Day outside of the Union Center Fire Department recognized county veterans who served in World War II. Allison H. Vincent is just one of three surviving men with his name etched in stone. Gabrielle Lucivero shares just what it meant for his friends, family, and community members to see this monument in a place where it can be appreciated.

ENDICOTT, N.Y. -- The Union Center World War II Veteran’s Memorial now sits proudly outside of the community's fire department, but that wasn't always the case. For Lyn Galbreath, whose father's name is on the plaque, the move was not a moment too soon.

"Well, it was in the middle of traffic, let's face it, in somebody's yard. So they're moving it makes it so much easier for everyone to take and appreciate and see those names,” said Lyn Galbreath, Allison H. Vincent's daughter.

Allison H. Vincent is one of just three surviving men with his name etched in the monument. The community was proud to be able to thank him for his service, once again.

"Like I said, it's America's greatest generation, and it is. If it wasn't for people like Allison we wouldn't be here,” said Robert Wood, the commander of American Legion Post 1700

But moving the monument wasn't easy, it was a community effort, just as it was when it was first built.

"It was a community project back in 1945, and this is the original picture of the monument of what it started out to be -- a big board with hand written letters on it,” said James Davis, the Western Broome Parade Committee president

While friends and family of veterans are happy to see this monument in its new home, they're mostly thankful for the reminder that it carries with it every day of the year.

"I feel so honored and so pleased that there's so many people that are still, have come around to recognizing the dedication our service people have given,” said Galbreath.