Sunday, the New York State Fair helped animals find a new home as part of the second annual Adopt-a-Pet Day. Dogs and cats of all ages were available for adoption at the Exposition Center.

Staff from the Oswego and Wayne County Humane Society brought the animals. The opportunity comes at the perfect time as usually summer is an especially hard time for animal shelters.

"It is very, very difficult to find room for the homeless animals, especially this time of year, all shelters are full," said Mark Plyter, director of the Humane Society of Wayne County.

Thankfully on Sunday, several animals were able to find a new family. Humane Society staff say animals that were not present at the fair still had a chance to be adopted. The Oswego County SPCA brought pictures of their animals to show potential adopters.

With the hardships of the summer months on shelters, representatives from both humane societies say individuals interested in adopting should visit their local shelters.