PANAMA CITY, Florida — The scope of devastation along the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Michael is being realized, especially in the northern part of Panama City, Lynn Haven, where there is major damage everywhere.

The area is changed forever. For example, Central Pentecostal Ministries, one of the large churches in the Panama City area, is severely damaged after Michael, a Category 4 hurricane, swept through the area.

The whole front of the church was blown apart by destructive winds, with huge pieces of metal strewn across the front.

However, interestingly enough, and some might call it fate, what survived the storm is the very top of the church – a cross seemingly unscathed by the storm. 

Pastor Don Shoots has already posted on social media a message to his congregation, acknowledging this damage, but also urging them to think about others suffering through this difficult time.

"We are not the only ones that need prayer across this Gulf Coast region, and further up into Alabama and Georgia, there are those that also need our prayer and concerns and I'm sure you're going to convey that as well," Shoots urged.

The pastor says he does not need the building at all to have services and wants to have Sunday services.

However, he says the big issue is no matter what he wants to do, he cannot get the word out to people.

Many people have absolutely no cell service or internet. There is absolutely no power for many residents.