An Otsego County brewery is wrapping up an Oktoberfest weekend "2020 style."

What You Need To Know

  • The Red Shed Brewery hosted an Oktoberfest weekend with guests having to reserve their spot in advance to attend

  • Visitors stayed for 90 minute intervals, with staff sanitizing surfaces between each time slot

  • Despite the circumstances, the brewery says it was a successful year

The Red Shed Brewery outside of Cooperstown hosted their third annual Oktoberfest over the weekend with numerous precautions in place.

"This year, we're doing an automated scheduling system, so people get online and make their own reservation in 90 minute increments," said Michelle Freehafer, who works in administration for the brewery.

After 90 minutes, Freehafer says, "we ask everyone to vacate the premises, and we do a thorough clean. Wipe down tables, bathrooms, and then the next set of people come in for another 90 minute increment."

Guests are assigned a table and have to wear a mask when getting up. Despite these circumstances, Freehafer says it’s been a successful year.

"It's actually been really good. Yesterday was pretty much a booked thing. Friday a little slower, and today we're doing alright as well," she says.

It was a good turnout for what has turned into a popular event at the brewery.

"People like polka more than you think," Freehafer laughed. "And they like the difference in food, and you know, just being able to get out of the house this year, even though they have to abide by the guidelines that are mandated by New York State. They're still enjoying it."

Staff say it took several weeks of planning to make this year’s event possible. The business has had to continuously adapt operations because of COVID-19.

"We started as soon as the pandemic hit, started strategizing for what we could do to first sell growlers, and then after that food and growlers to go. We took baby steps,”"Freehafer said.

And now, months later, they’re wrapping up a successful Oktoberfest weekend, "2020 style."