Kathleen and Stephen Kautz are looking forward to spending Christmas with their three sons.

"We're just looking to see the happiness in their eyes, in their face, on that morning," Kathleen said.

Thanks to Northern New York Veterans Outreach Center Holiday Baskets, the Kautz family will have the Christmas they're hoping for.

"We don't do a lot for the kids anyway, but what we do give, they're appreciative of, so this Christmas will be a lot better," she said.

Hundreds of holiday baskets filled with Christmas dinners, winter clothes and toys for children will be given out to veterans in the community.

Emily O'Neill from NNY Veterans Outreach Center says, "It's so great to see these families. You see them, they come in, and even when they register, they're so excited even before we give them the baskets," said Emily O'Neill of the NNY Veterans Outreach Center.

"It's important because a lot of the veterans don't have extra money that's coming in. We're trying hard to survive now as it is," Kathleen Kautz added.

It's something veterans — like Stephen Kautz — say they appreciate.

"It's always good to see that there [are] programs like this out here that are willing to help veterans and realizing what the veterans went through all their time in the service," he said.

If you would like to participate in the Holiday Basket program, stop by the Veterans Outreach Center. Have your Veterans Affairs card and proper identification for your family members. 

The deadline to register is December 10. The holiday baskets will be given out on December 18.