A 2-year-old missing from South Carolina was found after midnight by state police during a highway traffic stop and taken from the town of Chenango to a Johnson City hospital, where he is in stable condition despite suffering a gunshot wound to his lower extremities.

Troopers said that two people, Holly Dew and Randi Session, both of Conway, South Carolina, were taken into custody then taken to jail.

State police found a vehicle matching the description put out by the Horry County Police Department just before 1 a.m., near Exit 6 on Interstate 81. Troopers stated that the vehicle was stopped without incident.

Troopers also stated that the toddler had not received medical attention at that time. Two other children in the vehicle were turned over to Child Protective Services.

Both Dew, 24, and Session, 23, are charged with endangering the welfare of a child but police in South Carolina will file their own charges.