The American Red Cross is at a crossroads as coronavirus cases grow nationwide.

About 800 blood drives have already been canceled across the country as hosting areas are being shut down.

Currently, Broome County has a number of blood drives scheduled for the weeks and months ahead.

"We don't want those numbers to drop. Of course, we want people to be encouraged to donate blood and make a difference because our patients in the hospitals will be the ones affected by it," said Esperanza Gutierrez, American Red Cross Broome County account manager.

Those 800 blood drives could have provided an estimated 18,000 units of blood.

The Red Cross said the national blood level is now approaching emergency need.

"That means it is an emergency. We do need blood. We always will need blood from our volunteer donors to make a difference and right now have a blood shortage so we definitely want to encourage people during this time," said Gutierrez.

The organization is now turning to the community for help.

Any healthy adult can schedule an appointment at the Red Cross and donate blood onsite.

They're also urging centers that haven't been shut down to consider hosting a drive.

"Broome County is an area that's known that we come together, so people are still here, people are coming in, people are donating and we still want to encourage people to do that because they're making the difference and we all know blood cannot be manufactured," said Gutierrez.

The Red Cross will be taking extra precautions in the meantime.

Every donor's temperatures will be checked, and beds will be spaced out for extra safety.