Multiple reports say Jets quarterback Sam Darnold won't play Sunday against the Bills with an ankle injury. While New York's rookie quarterback is on the shelf, the Bills may see the return of their own rookie QB.

Wednesday's practice offered the first look at Josh Allen throwing since leaving the Texans game in mid-October with an elbow sprain. He was limited with his status for a Sunday return still up in the air.

"I’m just trying to work through if there’s any soreness or stiffness and just trying to get back into the swing of playing football again," Allen said. "We’re still taking it precautiously, I guess you could say and just trying to limit any further damage. I’m feeling good. We’re doing a good job with it. We have a great training staff here and they’ve been doing a lot of great things with me and have allowed me to get back on the field sooner than people thought or maybe even than I thought."

Allen ascended quickly as a rookie, seeing the field week one before becoming the starter in week two. He's said in the past that in-game action is his best way of learning, but doesn't feel his time away from the field has negatively effected his development.

"I actually think it was kind of a blessing in disguise," Allen said. "I got to see a vet come in and control the offense the way it needs to be controlled. I got to see that from him and got to learn and sit back. Like I said, [I got to] experience a primetime game, experience the ups and downs of professional football without actually having to go through it. It’s definitely going to help out in the long run."

The Bills offense can use all the help they can get, ranking not only at the bottom of most categories in the NFL now, but of all-time through nine games. Allen's stood on the sidelines and watched the struggles, feeling that group's close to getting on track — and he just may provide the boost the offense needs.

"I definitely think that anybody else that’s not playing, I think they should have that same attitude that if I’m in there, I definitely feel like I can help this team," Allen said. "That’s why it was frustrating for me just obviously being named the starter and wanting to be the guy here and not being able to go out there and prove myself. It was tough."

Tough to tell if Allen will go against the Jets, but at least hope is on the horizon for the Bills franchise QB.