ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn backs his Erie County counterpart, calling a recent executive order by Gov. Andrew Cuomo's "political."

"I support and respect Tim Howard, and I agree with his approach as I have right from the start,” said O'Flynn, R-Monroe County. “We have been sworn to uphold the law. We don't pick and choose what types of law or what sections of law we will enforce or won’t enforce.

"I believe this is more of a political interpretation rather than a legal interpretation of what should be done."

The order prohibits state agencies and officers from looking into a person's immigrant status unless required by law or if the person is involved in illegal activity.

Howard, whose jurisdiction includes Buffalo, in response issued a directive to his personnel to continue reporting suspicious activity involving undocumented immigrants. Howard has said in the past that his current policy is in full compliance with legal directives issued by the federal government.