NATIONWIDE — What sells the most at Walmart in your state?

According to Business Insider, the company recently analyzed data to find out which items are the most popular in every state.

Some of those most popular items included mulch, microwave ovens, pillows and vacuums.

While other products had a surprising level of popularity by state such as wedding invitations in Texas, electric knives in North Carolina and Zytrec in California.  

Here's the list of top-selling items in every state, according to Walmart:

Alabama: Cake mixes

Alaska: Bathroom decor

Arizona: Toasters

Arkansas: Baby products

California: Zyrtec

Colorado: Apple juice

Connecticut: Movies

Delaware: Vitamins/medicine

Florida: Connected home

Georgia: Humidifiers

Hawaii: Fabric

Idaho: Gatorade

Illinois: Puzzle storage

Indiana: Hand sanitizer

Iowa: Diapers

Kansas: Shampoo/conditioner

Kentucky: Legos

Louisiana: Raisins

Maine: Peanut butter and jelly

Maryland: Certificate holders

Massachusetts: Tennis balls

Michigan: Life jackets

Minnesota: Folding chairs

Mississippi: Cran-energy juice

Missouri: Disposable washcloths

Montana: Laundry detergent

Nebraska: Beverage tumblers

Nevada: Pumpkin

New Hampshire: Nasal spray

New Jersey: Dumbbells

New Mexico: Golf balls

New York: Connected home

North Carolina: Electric knives

North Dakota: Drink mixes

Ohio: Hatchimals

Oklahoma: Tools

Oregon: Chex Mix

Pennsylvania: Legos

Rhode Island: Jell-O

South Carolina: Garage door openers

South Dakota: Lemon cake

Tennessee: Traffic safety cones

Texas: Wedding invitations

Utah: Chocolate

Vermont: Luggage racks

Virginia: Baby puffs cereal

Washington: Starbursts

West Virginia: Ramen noodles

Wisconsin: Shopkins

Wyoming: Freezer packs