BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Residents in one of Buffalo's most impoverished neighborhoods are concerned the city isn't allocating grant monies to areas that need help.

Residents of the area are asking federal and state investigators to audit Buffalo's use of Community Development Block Grant funds. CDBG's are typically used on activities for low-to-moderate income persons, expand economic opportunities, and construction or improvement of things such as paving and sidewalks.

Brendan Mehaffy, Buffalo's Office of Stratetic Planning executive director, stated in response: "All of the information requested at the rally is readily available on the City of Buffalo website. In addition, the City conducted three well-publicized public meetings this spring with over a dozen staff available to answer all questions like the ones raised at this rally.

"The City is in regular contact with the regulator of these funds, the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development, who has raised no concerns about the City's use of its funds.  The funds have been committed to community centers, street and sidewalk improvements, housing repairs, and public services for the benefit of low to moderate income individuals or neighborhoods.

"Again, this information can be found on the City of Buffalo website.  The individuals at this rally made no effort to contact the City to obtain this information."