A Woodhaven watering hole with roots dating back to 1829 was recently denied landmark status by the city. NY1's Clodagh McGowan filed the following report.

While Woodhaven has changed drastically over the past 187 years, Neir's Tavern is still standing and still serving up cold drinks and food to the community.

"It's a gem, it's a gem in a community that I don't believe has been given the shine that is should have. The acknowledgement," said Betsy Santiago, a Cypress Hills resident.

Owner Loycent Gordon says he believes the city should acknowledge the bar's history with landmark status. He says it was built in 1829 and is the oldest, continuously run bar in the city. But his request for an evaluation by city's Landmarks Preservation Commission was denied last month.

"Neir's has a lot of history and it's the part of the fabric of New York City history, why would we want to lose that? The area of Woodhaven was heartbroken and we just felt like it was a slap in the face," said Gordon.

According to Gordon, actress Mae West first started her career performing at Neir’s. And if the bar looks familiar...maybe you've seen Martin Scorsese's “Goodfellas.”

Gordon has kept some of the tavern's unique features intact -- like it's ice cool draft system and the bar itself.

"If you look at the bar counter, that alone is 160 years," said Gordon.

According to the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the request was denied for the interior of Neir's Tavern because many of the element's space are removable fixtures and furniture that could not be regulated by the agency.

In addition, the LPC cannot regulate use or occupancy, so it could not legally require the property to remain a bar if the ownership or tenant were to change.

"Manhattan has four times as many landmarks,” said Gordon. “Yet Queens is five times larger than Manhattan. That to me is telling you that we're not looking at Queens and the outer boroughs enough."

However, the LPC is currently reviewing Neir's exterior as an individual landmark.

Something Gordon will help preserve its charm for the next 187 years.