When Capital Tonight asked Westchester County Executive George Latimer if he’d consider being Letitia James’ lieutenant governor, he didn’t say no.

Instead, the Democrat, who just embarked on a second term, touted his bonafides as a state legislator for 13 years in both the Assembly and Senate.

“State issues are overarching; they affect counties, towns, villages and cities to the level of policy matters,” Latimer said. “But it’s really Tish James’ decision to make.” 

Latimer said he’ll be comfortable with whatever happens.

“If she calls my number, I’m going to pick up the phone call,” he said.

Latimer also stated that he expects to play a role in 2022 regardless. When pressed for specifics, he said that Westchester County is going to be very important next year when every single congressional and legislative seat is up for grabs, along with all the statewide seats.

“You saw that we were able to resist the red tide downstate [on Election Day]. I think any Democrat who is going to be our nominee for governor is going to need to do well in Westchester County,” he said. “And I’m personally prepared to put my shoulder to the wheel whether I’m on the ticket or not on the ticket because I think the issues are that important.”

When asked when he will be making an endorsement for governor, he said soon.

“I expect, in my case, who I endorse for governor will probably come within the next week to 10 days,” Latimer said.

The choice won’t be an easy one for him. Latimer has, at one time or another, supported two of the three announced Democratic candidates, Gov. Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James, and claims to like both of them. 

So, he’s hedging.

“I don’t think choosing one means a negative toward the other. It’s an assessment that you make in this business to try and determine who you think would be the strongest candidate going forward,” Latimer said.

James, who is considered further to the left than Hochul, could use some suburban strength on the ticket and may find that in Latimer. The county executive just fended off a Republican challenge in November by a 62% to 38% margin.