Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday said he wanted to move quickly on a paid sick leave proposal that would cover people who are quarantined due to the spread of coronavirus in the state. 

Cuomo at a news conference said he would speak to top lawmakers in the state Senate and Assembly about expediting the measure this week. 

"I'd like to get it quickly," Cuomo said. "The paid sick leave bill did not cover the period of quarantine. The initial concept of the bill was before all of this."

Cuomo initially proposed proposed requiring companies to provide five days of paid sick leave. The amendment would include people who are quarantined due to testing positive for the virus or while they await the results of a test. 

"That quarantine period should be covered," Cuomo said. "That's going to be in the specific of the bill. I want to get that quarantine period addressed, because there's only going to be more people."