Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie told reporters on Thursday he's meeting with district attorneys as part of a "listening stage" on the state's bail law. 

"I'm in the listening stage," he said. "I've invited DAs and everybody to give me statistics on what's working."

The measure, which took effect in January, ends cash bail for misdemenaor and non-violent felony charges. The measure has been under fire from law enforcement and Republican state lawamkers. 

Democrats in the state Senate have proposed changes that would end cash bail entirely, but allow judges the authority to determine if a person should be remanded. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has called bail law changes essential.  

Heastie has not embraced calls for any amendments and has decried how the measure's effects have been taken out of context. 

"If roughtly 105,000 people have been arrested and processed throughout the state and we've only heard of only a few sensationalized stories, I think we should have some patience," he said.