Lt. Governor Dan Forest talks about his run for governor, being the son of a congresswoman, and even defends the legislature’s architecture.

On this week’s episode of “Tying It Together with Tim Boyum,” Tim and Ben sit down with Lt. Governor Dan Forest in his office, which sits in an old house built in 1882. The architect-turned-politician talks about growing up going to a different school every year and why he turned to architecture as a career. Tim and Forest even debate the quality of the architecture of the North Carolina legislative building. Forest also opens up about his mom who was a congresswoman and why he doesn’t bring her up much on the campaign trail. Forest discusses why he wants to be the state’s next governor and why he wants to be known as the innovation governor.


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With the speed of the local news cycle, it's easy to forget that the politicians who represent us and the influencers in our communities are more than just soundbites. North Carolina’s veteran reporter and anchor, Tim Boyum, is loosening his signature bow tie for candid conversations with these powers players from across the state. In "Tying It Together," Tim uncovers what makes these newsmakers tick, explores some of their most fascinating life stories, and helps all of us get a better grasp on the issues affecting our community.


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