RALEIGH, N.C. -- The debate over charter schools continues, following the state school board's decision to approve two new charter schools for Wake County.

  • Some say there are already too many charter schools and say they are not being held accountable
  • Others say the more, the better
  • All 10 newly approved charter schools are set to open in North Carolina next year

Many people believe the county already has too many charter schools, and that they're beginning to undermine the public school system. Others believe charter schools give parents more options, and foster healthy competition with public schools.

"I think the more charter schools that we have, the better in North Carolina, and especially in Wake County," said charter school advocate Dr. Terry Stoops. "They provide some much needed competition for the districts. And they provide a model by which the districts can find new practices, and ways of instruction that they perhaps did not consider."

Wake County Board of Education Chair Jim Martin believes charter schools aren't held accountable in North Carolina.

"We've got a system that is actually challenging and undermining the regular public school system, even though the legislation is suppose to, it says charter schools are suppose to offer, you know, alternatives that aren't being offered," Martin said. "No evidence of that. And there's no accountability. And I don't think that's healthy for any system, irrespective of any tension that might be created, between the public and charter school systems."

All 10 newly approved charter schools are set to open in North Carolina, next year.