WILMINGTON, N.C. -- Pro wrestling fans got up close to the action at the Masters of Ring expo in Wilmington. The event featured independent wrestlers such as Asaafi and Labron James, along with some well-known legends of the squared circle.

"Mixing the young and upcoming talents with the stars that they love, it's a great mix to see people that are established and the local up- and-comers," beamed Masters of Ring founder Bambi Weavil.

Fans got the opportunity to mingle with wrestlers, take pictures and have autographs signed.

Former WWE and WCW heavyweight champion Kevin Nash says he appreciates being able to interact with the people who watched him for years.

"I live on the beach and it's basically because of the people here that put me there," said Nash. "It's nice to see them and talk to them."

"It's just great to see them and get to meet them. It's a once in a chance opportunity," claimed fan Katherine Horton.

Fans were treated to several matches throughout the day. Masters of Ring is looking to make their mark in the pro-wrestling world and continue expanding. For this weekend, the promotion was able to bring the spectacle of wrestling front and center in the Port City.