RALEIGH, N.C. — The Triangle is preparing for a possible snow event this weekend.

Just how much our area will be getting is still up in the air, but we talked to a Raleigh hardware store preparing for the worst.


What You Need To Know

Triangle preparing for possible snow, sleet and freezing rain this weekend

Burke Brothers Hardware store in Raleigh preparing for the worst

The store is already selling sleds and ice melt


Raleigh hasn't seen measurable snow on the ground since last January.

“Only been a big snow a couple times in my lifetime. I really enjoy it — it's a change on scenery that's really nice," Jeffrey Hastings said.

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Hastings, a Burke Brothers Hardware store employee, is looking forward to the weekend and the possible snow it will bring. He’s helping others look forward to it, too.

“We are going to the warehouse right now to grab the forklift so we can bring around pallets of ice melt and firewood," Hastings said.

Hastings says the store has already sold a fair amount of sleds, firewood and ice melt. Shovels are another popular item.

Hastings spent Wednesday morning moving them and other winter weather items to the front of the shop and making them look presentable.

“We're really anticipating Saturday morning or Sunday morning a lot of ice being on the ground, a lot of ice being on business sidewalks and stuff, trying to help business owners and residential homeowners prepare so they don't slip and fall," Hastings said.

Hastings says customers need to get their supplies as soon as possible.

Snow, he says, is not immune to supply chain issues affecting the quantity of supplies the store can purchase for its customers.

“Once we run out of ice melt and stuff, we're out, so come sooner than later to come and get it," Hastings said.

Even though snowfall totals remain uncertain, Hastings recommends not taking any chances.

“As we get closer, more and more people are probably going to be preparing. That's completely dependent on what the forecast is, but if the forecast remains what it is right now, we'll get busier and busier as Saturday gets closer," Hastings said.

Burke Brothers will be open all weekend long if you do end up being one of those last-minute shoppers.

The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety has some tips for winter weather safety.

They recommend keeping your thermostat set to at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent plumbing from freezing and letting all faucets drip during extreme cold weather.