RALEIGH, N.C. — In Wake County, most schools continue to operate under remote-learning protocols.

But one Wake County private school is opening its doors again to students for in-person instruction.

On Monday, St. Timothy's Teacher Annabel Pfeiffer prepared to welcome back her 2nd grade class.

"I'm really excited to see them again. It's fun to see them online but always fun to see them in person," Pfeiffer says.

The private school in North Raleigh is open again after it was closed for Christmas break and a week of virtual learning.

"Our protocols have been really wonderful. They've kept us safe. The kids have been so resilient," Pfeiffer says. "We wear our masks every day, we eat outside, kids even wear their masks outside for recess."

Head of School Tim Tinnesz says some of those protocols could continue to be in place even after this pandemic is over.

"We used to have carpool with 520 students all gathered outside along the sidewalks. Now we release students from the classroom -  worked out much better than we could have imagined," Tinnesz says.

And for arrival, students are asked to wait inside their cars until Tinnesz or another administrator opens their car door.

The next step is a temperature check.

While St. Timothy’s is open for in-class instruction, countless schools around it remain closed.

Tinnesz says it’s up to his staff and students to keep it that way.

“We are so connected to each other, definitely the choices one person makes definitely impacts everyone else. For schools like us working hard to do all these health protocols to make sure we’re safe and responsible, it really does take a village," Tinnesz says.