CARTERET COUNTY, N.C. – The American Red Cross needs you to donate blood now more than ever.

This year was filled hurricanes, wildfires, and of course, a pandemic. These things often cancel blood drives and contribute to the shortage hospitals are experiencing. Coronavirus has had a big impact on blood donations, but supplies often get low this time of year.

“We have to have blood drives every day. We have to collect 48,000 units daily in the country to meet the demands of the patients of all the hospitals,” says Kristin Willis, an American Red Cross employee.

Donating blood also gives people the opportunity to learn their blood type. A recent survey by “Any Lab Test Now” showed that 37% of people don't know their blood type and many have never even thought about it.

It is important to find out, since blood type is essential to know for emergencies and can even contribute to health risks. To find out more about how to donate blood, you can visit the American Red Cross website.