DURHAM, N.C. -- Darrell Harris is a respiratory therapist at Duke.

He knows firsthand what happens when germs wreak havoc.

"I see the diseases and viral infections that come through the hospital even with the flu that can put you on ventilators," Harris says.

Harris is also the owner of Trash Can Cleaning USA 

His team deep-cleans cans into blast out dangerous germs. 

"Trash cans have a lot of bacteria and infectious diseases in them- listeria, salmonella, e. Coli, those types of things," Harris says.

He is offering the service to school districts in Durham, Wake, Orange, and Chatham counties, free of charge. 

At just one school, there's typically more than 100 cans in need of cleaning.

"After he explained the concept to me, I was like, "Wow! I never really gave that any consideration," said Hillside High School principal William Logan. "You think about the level of frequency students have as they dispose of paper, food during lunch. It is a high level of frequency."

Harris says he is just doing his part and paying it forward.

"When you are dealing with kids and my daughter goes to Wake County schools so I definitely want that healthiness," Harris adds.

It's a donation that's spreading kindness, instead of germs.