RALEIGH, N.C -- "One Giant Leap" is a festival celebrating the 50th anniversary of NASA's landing on the moon.

It is being held at the North Carolina Museum of History. Activities include virtual labs, a bungee jump station, and interactive presentations.

The director of the museum, Ken Howard, says it was created to show how North Carolina played a large role in getting the crew to and from space safely

"There's so much North Carolina has to celebrate, and this was such a game changing event in the history of man, and North Carolina was a part of that, and that's something we need to celebrate and remind people" said Howard.

Howard says North Carolinians were involved in many jobs, including engineers and helicopter pilots. Astronauts also came to Morehead Planetarium to learn how to navigate their ship in case their instruments failed.

The exhibit will be at the museum until January 4, 2020.