RALEIGH, N.C. -- The annual March for Life Rally drew hundreds from around North Carolina to the state capital Saturday.

  • The march recognizes the Supreme Court's decision of Roe V. Wade
  • It deemed abortions a constitutional right
  • Supporting and opposing groups gathered at the state capital

 The march recognizes the anniversary of the historic court decision of Roe v. Wade. In that decision, the Supreme Court deemed abortions a constitutional right.

Protestors and some elected leaders, however, disagree. 

"A woman does have the right to know that there is a second choice, a choice to change her mind in taking that pill, and saving her baby," said District 13 representative Pat McElraft.

Opposing groups, however, say it's important for women to have a choice and say it's not appropriate for anyone to tell women what to do with their bodies.

"I don't know why my rights stop mattering the second I get pregnant," said Kelsea Mclain with A Woman's Choice Inc. "I'm still a whole person with dreams, a future, with goals. And that doesn't change because I get pregnant. Nor should I be forced to derail my whole life for a pregnancy I never wanted or asked for."



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