SCOTLAND COUNTY, N.C. -- Detectives in Scotland County say a man was smuggling drugs into a county detention center -- and used bibles to do so, posing as a pastor! 

  • Two men are charged after drugs were smuggled into an NC prison.
  • James Morman, 28, posed as a pastor and smuggled contraband through bibles.
  • An inmate, Bryson Brown, was also charged. 

An undercover investigation unveiled that James Morman III, 28,  posed as a pastor and used bibles to smuggle contraband into the facility. 

Morman and an inmate, Bryson Brown have both been charged and arrested. The investigation found Suboxone strips were located in the Bible that was brought into the detention center. 

The duo's charges include felony possession or controlled substance within a prison or detention facility, felony delivery of a controlled substance to an inmate, controlled substance schedule III, and misdemeanor simple possession of schedule III. The sheriff's office says more charges are expected in the coming days.