CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Another protest happened Sunday at the site where Confederate monument Silent Sam was toppled in August.


Groups for and against the statue yelled at and traded taunts with one another.

The protest was not nearly as large as some of the other protests that have happened. Roughly 50 people against Silent Sam and about seven for the monument are in attendance.

Those for Silent Sam say they want to see it returned to the pedestal it was knocked off of.

"The Communists erase monuments. I'm not glorifying slavery by any means, but it is a reminder of the past. And the war between the North and the South was not initiated because of slavery, later it became an issue," said a protester for the statue.

"I find it disturbing that the school has given a permit for a rally here for known racist groups who have proven to be anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-gay, anti-Jewish. It's not ok on this campus," said another protester against the statue.

The protest, ironically, was held the same day the UNC Chapel Hill holds its December graduation ceremony at the Dean Smith Center.

It also comes two days after the UNC Board of Governors rejected a $5 million proposal to build a history center to house the controversial monument.