CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Cleanup is ongoing at the East Gate Shopping Center after getting nearly nine inches of rain in the past few days.

  • Areas have seen up to nine inches of rain
  • HazMat crews are piling debris from Camelot Village Condos
  • Business owners say mud is a problem

Stores are having to dry out floors and carpets.

“And there was about six inches of water in here, which is not bad. It was the mud that came in with that. [It's] really is tough to deal with,” business owner Diane Joyal said.



Crews also shoveled mud from the parking lot. It's worse down the road at the Camelot Village Condos. HazMat crews spent Tuesday piling debris from the units. Nicholas Hellman is grateful the flood spared his second floor home.

“You see a lot of the crews come out here, probably doing a lot of cleanup I bet. There's a lot of water damage over here,” Hellman said.

Durham is also drying out. The Duke Gardens reopened Tuesday after the flood waterlogged a tourist spot.



It still could be days before troubles recede and life returns to normal.

“Some of these people have been here for 25, 30 years and they've never seen it like this,” Joyal said.



At Camelot Village, the area is used to flooding. Chapel Hill leaders wanted to buy everybody out and turn the complex into a park, however, they could never get approval from tenants.

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