MOORE COUNTY, N.C. -- Voters will have another decision to make about new school construction in November.

In May, they voted yes to a $103 million school bond referendum. County commissioners recently decided to put on the general election ballot a proposal to increase the local sales tax by a quarter-cent to help pay for the debt of that new school construction.

Voters we spoke to seem to be okay with that.

"I'm absolutely in favor of help out the schools in Moore County. I think that would be a good thing," said Mark Allen of Aberdeen.

"I support new schools being built... so I would probably vote for it," said Vanessa Wrona, who lives in Pinehurst.

This will not be the first time voters have been asked to approve a possible sales tax increase to fund new school construction.

A similar effort was made in 2016. That proposal was rejected by the voters. 

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