RALEIGH, N.C. -- 60 volunteers from the Raleigh area teamed up with Islamic Relief USA to help feed the hungry.

  • Rice, soy and dried vegetables will go to Africa
  • Six people can eat from each bag
  • 20,000 bags were filled in North Carolina this weekend

They put rice, soy, and dried vegetables in bags that will leave North Carolina and go to Africa.

Each of the little bags will feed six people.

Some of the volunteers say the first time they worked with the organization they didn't know what they were doing but that changed as they learned the ropes.

“At first I was all nervous and I was like pouring things everywhere. I was freaking out but you get the hang of it,” said volunteer Hana Bensadik.

10,000 bags of food was filled in Raleigh and 20,000 in North Carolina this weekend.

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