CHARLOTTE, N.C. – During her first public appearance since community opposition over Charlotte's bid for 2020 Republican National Convention began, Mayor Vi Lyles defended why she's supports it.

  • Lyles said she supports the convention.
  • The mayor answered questions during an event Wednesday night.
  • Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County voted against a convention bid.

Mayor Lyles met with the Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County Wednesday night and answered questions about the bid process and about safety and security.

Ultimately, the group voted against the city's bid for the convention.

In a statement, Mayor Lyles said she understands the concerns. “Even though I am a member of the same party, my governing decisions are made based upon a broader audience. The vote was close which tells me that they understand the need for a two party system and the impact that a major party convention can have on our city.”

City council will call a special meeting Monday to vote whether to accept federal funding for security if Charlotte is awarded the 2020 convention.

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