NATIONWIDE -- Reaction is pouring in following a report that the U.S. Army has abruptly discharged some recruits who were on a path to citizenship. 

  • It is unknown how many recruits were let go
  • Immigration attorneys say this could lead to several lawsuits
  • Some recruits say they were told they were a security threat

The Associated Press' report didn't reveal just how many immigrant recruits were let go, but we know as many as 5,000 were recruits into the program in 2016. There's estimated to be about 10,000 people in the program.

Some of the recruits say they were not told a reason for their discharge, while others were told they were a security threat. 

Raleigh immigration attorney John Pinnix says if it continues, the U.S. Army will more than likely face several lawsuits.

"It is, frankly, perplexing," Pinnix said. "It's short-sided. It's unfair to the individuals, but it also impairs the military's ability to function."

We reached out to the Public Affairs Department of the U.S. Army for a statement. We have not yet heard back. 

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