RALEIGH, N.C. -- Some new billboards in the triangle continue the conversation about Confederate monuments -- specifically targeting Silent Sam.

  • New billboards across the Triangle are specifically targeting Silent Sam.
  • They are a part of the national "Make It Right Project" campaign.
  • Right now the NCHC is only considering moving monuments at the State Capitol. 

It is part of a national campaign called the "Make It Right Project" that's trying to take down ten Confederate monuments across the country.

While some who've fought to relocate Silent Sam say the billboards are better than their attempts to contextualize the soldier, others still believe all confederate memorials should stay put.

“It’s much harder to destroy a large billboard in Raleigh so I’m happy people will have to face our decision to leave these racist monuments on campus,” said Lindsay Ayling, a history PhD candidate at UNC. 

"It's really unfortunate that a small minority of people in the state want to play politics with our history and our heritage,” saidFrank Powell of the sons of confederate veterans.

The North Carolina Historical Commission is the only body with the power to move the monuments.

Right now, they're only considering the three at the State Capitol.