RALEIGH, N.C. -- The viral video of a Raleigh tattoo artist giving a boy his Black Panther prosthetic leg is going national.  Now we're hearing from Michael Mack himself about his new leg. 

10-year-old Michael Mack not only feels like a superhero with his new prosthetic leg, he really looks the part too!

"It was just really awesome,” said Michael. “When I saw the leg, I knew that when I walked all the other kids would be impressed."

Raleigh tattoo artist Milton Purnell transformed his prosthetic leg into a tribute to Michael's favorite superhero, Black Panther.

It's a memory Michael will never forget.  "I just got a quick look at it and I looked away for a minute and I just knew that it was already good,” said Michael. “But when I put my eyes on it again and I took a good look at it , it was amazing at how the leg itself looked with the artwork."

Michael is still in disbelief of his new found fame. "It's amazing to be a viral kid who's telling people about my leg that has a Blank Panther tattoo on it,” said Michael. “It's really cool."

It's not only cool, It's making it easier to have a prosthetic leg at school. "I was happy to get it because kids are wondering, when they see it they kind of get a disgusted look and they think it's kind of disturbing,” explained Michael. “But now that I have the new artwork on it, kids when they see it, they're going to think that it's really cool, that it's something awesome."

And just like a real-life superhero, Michael doesn't let the bullies get to him. He has some advice for other kids who also have prosthetic limbs. "I would tell them that the bullies, they're just picking on you because they probably think it's really cool. And I would tell them that they can do so much,” explained Michael. “They're the cool kids with the prosthetics."