FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. --- The Fayetteville City Council has appointed Dan Culliton to fill the vacancy as a representative for District 2.

  • Dan Culliton will be sworn in later this month.
  • He was the runner-up behind Tyrone Williams last November.
  • Seat was open after Williams resigned.

It’s the seat that was previously occupied by Tyrone Williams who resigned from office after he was caught on-tape asking a developer for money.

Culliton was the runner-up behind Williams last November.

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He said he is amazed at the amount of support he has received.

“The amount of support I get when you enter something like this, and you don't always know who will be there... and the people you wouldn't think would be there stand up and they're there. They're there to hug you. There to reach out to you and that means a lot to me," said Culliton.

Culliton will be sworn into office later this month.

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