RALEIGH, N.C. -- A North Raleigh nursing home says they've fired members of their staff after a patient's daughter secretly recorded her father being left on the cold floor for two hours.

  • One nurse came in and left without helping
  • When helped, told he wouldn't be helped if he fell again
  • Nurses involved have been fired; others given additional training

The daughter sent Spectrum News the video which shows the nursing staff at Universal Health Care taking an hour to finally answer 68-year-old Richard Johnson's calls for help.

However, they left him on the floor for almost another hour before helping him up.

His daughter, Rebecca Knapton, says a nurse came in, saw him on the ground and left. Fifteen minutes later, two nurses came back and, after cleaning him up, one said, "If you fall out of the bed again, I'm not picking you up. You're going to stay on the floor."

Knapton says she's horrified by the actions after having to put her dad in a nursing home following a stroke.

“I really wanted to believe that my dad was just telling me a tall tale to try and get him out of the nursing home. I didn’t want to believe that there was abuse. Nobody wants to believe that their loved one's being abused,” said Knapton.

According to the nursing home, the staff members involved were fired. In a statement they saying:

The behavior depicted is unacceptable and we are deeply sorry that this occurred. We launched an investigation into this incident as soon as we were made aware. We took immediate and decisive action, and the staff involved in this matter were terminated.

Choice Health Care, a parent company of the nursing home, says they believe the incident was isolated.

They also say all remaining staff will receive additional training.

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