ROBBINS, N.C. -- Students and staff at two schools are in mourning over the death of their beloved music teacher.

  • Murray died when motorcycle collided with dump truck
  • Described as free spirit that loved her profession
  • Support staff at both schools

Suzanne Starr Murray died when her motorcycle collided with a dump truck at the intersection of N.C. Highway 24/27 and Plank Road on Tuesday.

Administrators at both Robbins Elementary and Elise Middle Schools described her as a free spirit who loved her profession and loved the kids that she taught.

"You could tell that in the passion she had for teaching music," said Jeni Wiley, principal at Elise Middle School in Robbins. "She didn't just teach the fundamentals, she taught the traditions behind the music, the culture behind the music, the history behind the music."

Moore County Public Schools had support staff at both places to make sure that everyone had assistance as they try to deal with Murray's death.

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