RALEIGH, N.C. -- Could three Confederate statues soon be on the moved from the grounds of our state capitol?

The North Carolina Historical Commission is considering a plan to move the Confederate Soldiers Monument, the Confederate Women's Monument, and the Henry Lawson Wyatt Monument from the grounds of the State Capitol to the Bentonville Civil War Battlefield 50 miles away in Four Oaks. The commission allowed members of the public to comment on Wednesday, and dozens filled the Statre Archives building to get their chance to speak.

The vast majority of commenters were strongly opposed to the proposal, with many descendants of Confederate veterans stating their objections.

"Those monuments mean everything to me," said Snow Camp resident Gary Williamson. "As far as I'm concerned, and I think I speak for a lot of folks here, if it does further the agenda of Governor [Roy] Cooper and we have to fight these battles, we'll fight 'til hell freezes over then we'll fight on ice."

However, there were some commenters who supported moving the statues to a place dedicated to Civil War history.

"My initial inclination to just hide and destroy the monuments has given way to compromise," said Robersonville resident Emily Keel. "They should be moved to where their context can be explained so that we may learn from the history."​

The Historical Commission will not make a decision about the monuments until at least their next meeting in April.