RALEIGH -- The North Carolina Republican party is calling on the US Attorney General to open a federal investigation into an agreement between Governor Roy Cooper and energy companies behind the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The state's GOP says their concern is the Governor may have leaned on energy companies to get an almost $58 million dollar fund under his control in return for the permits to build. 

They're calling it a pay to play scheme, but Democrats say it's all a political stunt.

"If the companies follow the law and they meet the requirements, those permits are due to them. They have a right to them," says Dallas Woodhouse, Executive Director, of the North Carolina Republican Party.

Chairman, North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin says,"This is the second or third conspiracy in the last couple of weeks by the Republican party. Again this is all about politics. They are trying to distract folks."

Goodwin goes on to say, "Here we have the Republicans in North Carolina throwing everything they can at Governor Cooper hoping something will stick when really it's about jobs, it's about economic development, it's about mitigation."

Republicans cite possible violations of the Hobbs Act in their letter.

We reached out to Duke Energy, who is involved in developing the ACP, and they refused to comment.

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