CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. -- The Cumberland County School Board voted to cut a controversial sex education program Tuesday evening. 

The "Get Real" sex ed program has been on hold since the fall, after the school system was getting complaints from parents. 

SHIFT NC recommended the program to Cumberland County Schools, saying the program produced great results. Surveys found that 85 percent of students who took the course said they were less likely to have sex. 

However, some Cumberland County parents protested that the program's content was too explicit for middle-schoolers. Some of the curriculum topics deal with sexual identity, abstinence and STDs. 

"Getting into the specifics of the program, I think it is very crude, almost to a pornography level, where even things like saran wrap were talked about as a form of protection for oral sex," said Cumberland County Schools parent Ralph Molina. 

"I am shocked that the Curriculum Committee would vote to remove the Get Real sex ed program from Cumberland County Schools," said CCS parent Erin Stephens. "The more we learn about sex education and the importance of it, the more I wonder why people are still systematically trying to prevent young people from access to age appropriate and comprehensive education."

School leaders say they'll return to their old sex-ed program. Parents will still be able to opt their children out of learning that curriculum. 

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