RALEIGH -- Changes could be on the way for the state's court system.

The Joint Judicial Reform and Redistricting Committee met for the first time Thursday to discuss what those changes could look like. 

The meeting kicked off with an overview of four different proposals for judges. 

One of the options, called the "purple plan", would have the public nominate someone for a vacancy. An independent, nonpartisan commission would then evaluate whether candidates would be qualified. Nominees would be sent to the GA for approval before heading to the governor. If selected, the judge would face a general election.

But some questioned just how "nonpartisan" a commmission, or the process in general, could be.

Rep. Jon Blust (R), of Guilford County, said "Let's suppose democrats win the majority and Rep. Jackson is the speaker. What's to stop democrats from holding a caucus where they decide who the three are going to be?" 

Sen. Floyd McKissick (D), of Durham County, said “In this plan or proposal that is before us, it would not allow for candidates to run in a primary or be nominated in some respect to to run against an existing judge.”

The hope now is for the committee to find common ground between the chambers. 

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