MOCKSVILLE, N.C. -- Firefighters from three different counties are working to clean up after a blaze in Mocksville early Thursday morning.

The fire and chemical leak happened at the House of Raeford chicken processing plant on Eaton Road around 2:45 a.m.

Although there were people inside the plant during the fire there were no injuries.

Firefighters credit the employees for quick thinking. However, it wasn’t just the flames they had to contend with.

"The biggest concern was that they have a lot of anhydrous ammonia in the tanks and in the system and keeping the fire off of those tanks and having them breach," said Davie County Fire Marshal Jerry Myers. 

The ammonia is kept at the chicken processing plant and used as a coolant for the refrigerators.

The tanks did not rupture but they did leak. However, air quality reading did not show any danger.

Myers says the employees who were inside the plant during the fire were critical in helping his crews keep the chemicals contained. 

"They got everybody out and pulled the fire alarm and were able to give our fire crews the valve locations so they could get in," said Myers. 

The company released a statement on fire: “Early this morning a fire broke out in our Mocksville, NC plant. Within minutes, first responders were on the scene. Thanks to their good work and the work of our plant team, the fire is out, no one was harmed and the site is secure. Local authorities remain on the scene to monitor it and assist our plant management with their investigation to determine the cause and extent of the damage."

At this point, the plant remains closed. Employees are asked to not report to work until further notice.

Plant management says they don't expect any disruption to their customers.