GREENSBORO - Cinderella, Belle and a number of other classic Disney characters are in Greensboro this weekend for Disney On Ice's"Dare to Dream."

"Our five stories talk about our heroines and how they dare to dream and discover their inner heroes,” said performer Taylor Steele. “Belle discovers that love is more than what you look on the outside. It's about what is in your heart, and Rapunzel leaves the tower, then we go into Frozen where Anna is the hero of the story, and then finally we go into Moana.”

Moana is one of Disney's newest characters. She is a sea voyaging heroine who must restore the heart of Te Fiti.

"It's all about discovering your inner hero and doing the little things in life that can make the biggest difference," said Steele.  

Steele said the show is much more than princesses sweeping across the ice.  

"On our show we have an aerial silk act and we are constantly working, we are climbing the silk, we are maintaining our muscles and our strength and flexibility."

Backstage is where more of the magic happens.

"We have about 20 pieces of product going off at any given moment, and it's really a choreographed number between our performers and our crew members making sure that everything goes out on stage on time," said lighting technician Brandon Paul.  

And the lights, Paul said, are something spectacular.

"Your typical Broadway show has 300 to 400 lighting cues and our show has close to 1,000 so we are a very intense show."

It's a show that has something for the entire family.

"It's not just a show for little girls or little boys we have the classic tales and you get to escape for two hours and relive those stories that you've watched with the little ones, or you've watched yourself," said Steele.  

The show runs in North Carolina on the following dates:

  • Greensboro: Nov. 30 - Dec. 3
  • Raleigh: Dec. 6 - Dec. 10
  • Fayetteville: Dec. 14 - Dec. 17

You can get tickets through TicketMaster.