CHAPEL HILL -- UNC System President Margaret Spellings has now passed her first six months in office. She rated herself Friday at the UNC Board of Governors regular meeting.

"I think I would get an 'incomplete' in that I've been here for six months, and learning a lot still," she said to reporters.

During the regular meeting with the Board of Governors, Spellings reiterated her plans to make higher education accessible and affordable.

"Having a clearly affordable option within reach of all North Carolinians goes right to our core mission."

She said she will continue to work with state lawmakers and hope that the board will adopt a more detailed plan by the end of the year.

No shouting protesters attended the board meeting, like last semester. Many opposed the hiring of Spellings, saying the board didn't seek much public input from students and faculty.

However, some people did speak out during the public comment session, mainly about high tuition costs and not enough state funding.

"You're putting the onus of paying for college on students. People don't have a career. They don't have the means to pay for that," said Connor Harney, an alumnus of Appalachian State University.

The Board of Governors will meet again next month in Chapel Hill.