DURHAM- The hits keep coming at the Durham bridge at Gregson and Peabody, nicknamed the 'Can Opener' Bridge.

On Wednesday, an 18-wheeler slammed into it despite a newly-installed, elaborate warning system that alerts truck driver to turn instead of going under the bridge. Crews installed the system back in May after years of trucks slamming into the bridge. Before that, they had road signs posted as well as a steel bar, that sticks out, so trucks won't hit the actual bridge.

"I figured sooner or later somebody was going to ignore the sign and test the bridge again," says Jurgen Henn. He runs a website that displays video of the truck crashes that were captured on a nearby surveillance video he setup in April 2008.

NCDOT officials say there's little else that can be done to help truck drivers. They say raising the bridge or lowering the road is too expensive.

"These guys [truck drivers] are going to have to make decisions," says John Sandor.

Sandor says it's too soon to determine if the new warning system is effective, but he believees many truck drivers haven taken heed to the warning signs.

"We like to at least evaluate probably a year, maybe two years."