RALEIGH -- Various community groups across the state are shedding light on North Carolina’s growing obesity concern. 

They’re standing behind the “Healthy Corner Store Initiative” that’s all about making fresh produce more accessible by stocking corner store shelves with more fruits and vegetables.

According to the North Carolina Alliance for Health, there are 400 food deserts across 80 counties statewide. 

That means the people who live there don’t have easy access to a grocery store.

“The City of Greensboro is the number one food desert in the country. So we have a problem,” said Rep. Yvonne Lewis Holley.

“If we don't improve access to healthy food, the obesity is just going to get worse and worse and, at the end of the day, people can't get into the military because sadly they're too fat to fight,” added Peg O'Connell from the NC Alliance for Health.

The issue is also taking a toll on the number of eligible military recruits. Officials say up to 9 million people across the country are ineligible to serve in the military because they’re obese.