ROBESON COUNTY -- A proposed lease agreement for Robeson County Schools that would allow a private company to build 13 new schools while closing 30 others is stirring up strong debate there.

A large crowd came out Tuesday night to hear about this plan at a combined meeting of the county school board and the board of commissioners.

The plan seeks to deal with major infrastructure problems for Robeson County Schools.

Some residents supported this idea, while others oppose it.

"I love the idea because I believe we're in a dire situation. Our schools in Robeson County have been neglected so long," said Michael Smith, Pembroke resident.

"We're going to lease schools? And we own them now. Instead of repairing the ones we own, we're going to lease to a company that's going to tear our schools down," said Ben Chavis, Saddletree resident.

No decision about the plan was reached at Tuesday's meeting.

Another combined meeting of the two boards is scheduled for Monday night.