DURHAM  - While visiting NC Central, UNC System President Margaret Spellings was greeted by a rally of protesters.

The protesters were calling for her resignation and the end of her interaction with Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Speakers at the rally included students from NCCU, NC A&T and other campus workers and community members.

Protesters said Spellings made a career off of profiting from student debt and advocating for policies that erode the state's public education system.

"Her past record with the George W. Bush administration that she was secretary of education, she was supporting millions of dollars being cut from HBCUs,” said Ajama Dillahunt, Freshman at NCCU. “She was an advocate of No Child Left Behind, and she sat on a board for for-profit universities."

Spellings was also met by protesters at school visits earlier in this week at ECU and UNC Wilmington.